On The Village


As a last military community in Taipei and the place I grew up, this project conveyed the nostalgia and celebrated the time we already have but already lost, before it was dismantled.

The project separated into three main parts. First is the perspective of youth, me, as the third generation of this village, how we gaze on this environment which is part of our memory.

Through this project, I had interview with lots of the elder folk of this village, collected historical materials including photos, utensils and stories. It not only offered the different perspective in this project but also remained vestiges which can prove the existence of this period. In addition, this process helped me relearn and reconsider this place.

Third, I also held various activities such as flee market, farewell party and so on, which, most importantly, agglomerated the relationship and emotion between members of community, which was alienated progressively by the society nowadays.

Overall, On The Village reflects the meditation between place and people who live in it, if the place can be considered as a person, this project is my last love letter for her.


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