Ming Strike/小明拆台

Ming Strike (小明拆台) is a podcast about current topics and challenges in performing arts through the eye of Asian performance practitioners living in the UK.

Initiated by GASP-C in May 2020, Ming Strike has presented many episodes cover issues of pandemic, online performance, identity politics, avant-garde theatre in Taiwan, and A-Log (echoes the popular form of V-log), a blog in the form of audio presented in first person perspective, which providing an immersive experience by our audio documentary of performance events.

Ming Strike is currently broadcast in Mandarin Chinese and has reached audiences in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK, US, Europe and beyond.

Visit our site: mingstrike.fireside.fm
You can also find us on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast.

We are supported by Chinese Arts Now to transcript and translate some A-Log episodes as below.


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