Lucky Ping-Pong Dragon Karaoke

In 2018, Howl gather three Chinese artists to form a performance group called Gasp-C to develop this performance Lucky Ping-Pong Dragon Karaoke.

Gasp-C (Golden arches & silver pan Chinese) is a not-so-old pan-Chinese performance group. Having been making their own work for a long time, they come together with a collective intention to challenge and play with the representation of ‘Chineseness’.

Lucky Ping-Pong Dragon Karaoke is a collective of performances created by 4 pan-Chinese artists, each of whom presents two pieces to play with the subjects of identity, consumption and objectification.

They adapt the format of karaoke, in which audience members choose their favorite songs to sing along with. Similarly, in their ‘Karaoke’, audiences are invited to choose whom they fancy and which piece(s) they would like to see in sequence, from a pool of 8 diverse performances mixed of serious and comedic content, varying from cabaret, live art, 1-to-1 engagement, spoken words and videos.

This work received funding from Tickets Ignite performed in Migration Matters Festival (2018), Chinese Arts Now (2019), Marlborough Theatre (2019), Exeter Phoenix (2019) etc


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