Impossible Homecoming

Impossible Homecoming an invitation, to take you on an imagined journey with Howl, back to Taiwan to visit his home, which does not exist anymore. 

This invitation is about travel, migration, a hidden history of East Asia, sense of belonging, idea of home, and all of these under global pandemic.

This invitation is a one to one, performative engagement, with storytelling, virtual and physical interactions, visual and audio displays.

This invitation is for those who are eager for travelling far, returning home, or for another life story of crossing border.

Now Impossible Homecoming is open for booking. If you live around Bristol area and like to experience this work, please email here and fill up this form.

*When you sign up for this performance, a parcel will deliver to your home to implement this journey. This parcel will need to return after the performance.

*It’s a one to one performative engagement, which means one performer and one audience, but you can potentially bring another person in the same household.

*Due to the delivery limit, this performance only available for those who live in Bristol area. If you are not sure your location covered, feel free to email me.


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